Custom Displays/MSRs

MSR — BEMATECH TD3000 Model in Miami, FL


The TD3000 is a 2×20 line 5mm character height table top display that comes with much functionality that simply is not found in other vendors’ displays. “Smart scrolling,” vertical scrolling, and a built-in real-time clock are all standard features of the unit firmware. The TD3000 comes with a wide variety of interfaces, can emulate many popular command sets, and has better visibility due to an optically matched lens and wider character pitch.

MSR With Pole Display — PD3000 Model in Miami, FL


The PD3000 is widely known as the market leading pole display for PC-based POS systems. It has long set the standard for reliability, value and functionality – reasons why most end users and value-added resellers ask for it and other Logic Control pole displays by name. One of the reasons why the PD3000 is the leading pole display is its well-deserved reputation as the most reliable offering on the market. The PD3000 uses special display technology and unique circuit design to achieve this reliability. The PD3800 universal pole display provides support for almost any command set or language.

MSR Monitor — LV4000 in Miami, FL


The LV4000 is the latest customer display introduced by Bematech. The LV4000 is used as a secondary monitor with supported POS software (check with your software vendor for support confirmation) or with Bematech’s easy set up guide, which can be found here. The 8.4 LCD monitor can deliver the latest promotion information and even social media messages right from the internet. With a high 600:1 contrast ratio and 800 x 600 optimal resolution, the screen projects vivid graphics to grab customer attention at the POS, enhancing your overall business experience.

ID MSR — ID Innovations MSR in Miami, FL

ID Innovations MSR

Reads up to three tracks of data when the card is swiped in either direction. Reads High and Low coercivity magnetic stripe cards. Available in Black or White (Beige). 1,000,000 Card swipe long life read head. Warranty period of 3 years; we stand behind our products. Supports 20 keyboard countries and includes a Universal Mode. PC software for ease of programming (USB Models Only). Compact 100mm size ensures easy and accurate card swiping. Interfaces for PS/2, USB-HID, USB-KBD, USB-Serial, RS232-25Y and RS232-9F. Read encoded cards that meet ISO/ANSI/AAMVA and CADMV standards. Perfect for POS, Banking, Loyalty, Access Control and other applications. Multi-Color LED and Loud buzzer provide visual and auditory feedback.