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Cognitive Solutions Barcode Blaster

Cognitive Solutions Barcode Blaster directs thermal desktop barcode label printers, as well as delivers finished labels and tags in seconds, thanks to 5.5 IPS print speed and advanced 32-bit microprocessor technology. Their rigid metal chassis assures top quality printing in the most demanding high volume applications. With their speed, reliability and ease of use, Cognitive Solutions Barcode Blaster ™ barcode printers can put real productivity and profits back into your label printing applications.
Barcode Printer — Cognitive Solutions Barcode Blaster in Miami, FL

Zebra Barcode Printer


Accubanker Counterfeit Currency Detector D63

Protect your money with this dual compact counterfeit detection system. Check for counterfeit banknotes using simultaneously ultraviolet and watermark detection systems. Although this portable counterfeit detector is equipped with two 9 Watt UV lights, it is specifically designed to protect the user from direct eye exposure to the UV rays. Clearly visualize the fluorescence of the security thread in U.S. notes or fibers and other features present in other currencies, credit cards, special documents, etc. The enhanced watermark screen allows an easy verification of illustrations.
Dual Compact Printer — Accubanker Counterfeit Currency Detector D63 in Miami, FL


Maxx Currency Counter MX3000

The MAXX Automatic Bill Counter, Model MX 1000 is the latest and ultimate in bill counting technology. With its compact, heavy duty design, lightweight, accuracy and speed, Maxx Currency Counter MX3000 is a leader in this industry. It is widely used in banks, currency exchanges, post offices, restaurants, stores, and places where cash is handled.
Automatic Bill Counter — Maxx Currency Counter MX3000 in Miami, FL